Friday, 18 January 2008

Growing bowls


There are some bowls-in-the-making growing in our wood, right here:

One say we'll fell this oak, as it's growing very close to a couple of others, so will need to come out when we do thinning. When we do, this section will make some excellent bowls - bowl turners are always keen to get their hands on large burrs like this one.

Here's some more wildlife pics, taken in our wood and on the wayleave.

Our wood has millions of spiders, here's one of them:

A grasshopper of some sort, in the wayleave. They are so convinced their camouflage is perfect that they just sit still, even when the camera is right in their face. Actually, the camouflage is very good, so they're probably doing the right thing!

Another spider, on the wayleave this time - a harvestman prowling for food:

We didn't see any pixies around this tiny toadstool:

This fungi was a bit strange, and had scattered its spores all over the tree stump


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