Friday, 18 January 2008

Peak Speak 3


Well, the third annual "Peak Speak" event, organised by PowerSwitch, was a big success. We had over 40 people there, many of them new.

After James had introduced the day, Chris Vernon gave us an overview of media coverage of Peak Oil in the last 6 months, of which there has been a lot. Then we had several people, myself included, telling the group what they've done to change their lives and communities since hearing about Peak Oil.

After these talks, we moved onto the interactive part of the day, running two "cafe" sessions to promote discussion of two key issues: food security, and local communities. Later on we covered "all the issues", by making statements (some of them provocative!) and asking people to move to different parts of the room to indicate if they agreed, strongly agreed, disagreed, etc. It was great fun, and provoked a lot of discussion! FInally, for those who were able to stay, we had a preview of part of the new film, "Escape from Suburbia".

The feedback from the day was good, and everyone's looking forward to the next chance to get together!


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