Friday, 18 January 2008

The only sunny day this week


Wednesday was been the only sunny day so far this week, and fortunately I had one day to take off from work, so we were able to head up to the wood again. A few days off got my aching/tingling hand back to normal, thank God, so it was good to get up there again.

More of the same really, here's a tangle area before Tracy started on it:

and after she was done:

This follows our usual method - Tracy clears small stuff out of the way while I fell and process some large trees. Once she;s cleared an area, I go in and fell the small-medium trees, which she then processes while I go back to large trees. This seems to make best use of our time, and means we're not in each others "danger zone" while working.

Also, we had a visit from the person buying chestnut from us for garden furniture, and they seemed happy with what they saw, so we shall continue preparing stuff for them to collect later in the year.

Oh, and now we're back at home in the day we know what Pete and Tom have been getting up to while we were out - lots of flying round the lounge, exploring the ropes inside the cage, shouting at the birds outside, singing competitions and having a nap after lunch. They did their best to interrupt Tracy's work today, but she persevered!


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