Friday, 18 January 2008

Nature pics and digging


Here's a few nature pictures we took this week. First, a couple from the clearing in our neighbour's wood (see his blog here: ):

This second one is a chestnut shoot, growing from a coppice stool cut last winter.

And some from our own wood:

More evidence of boar by the pond here we think, though it looks like a smaller one than was there before.

Tracy saw a small adder out in the wayleave, but it was too quick for her to get a photo. She did catch one of the many rabbits though:

We also had our friends from the flat upstairs (Justin and Emma) come to the wood to work (and play!) for a day. Justin and I did quite a bit of digging, levelling a ride to make it easier to walk down, and also digging out the outflow of the culvert, as shown below:



Finally there was time for sausages and burgers cooked over a wood fire.

p.s. it's not really dark there - it's just the flash was used!

Today we have Tracy's brother and his family coming over, to see Rye and also our wood. Don't yet know if we'll be able to press them into doing any work for us!


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