Friday, 18 January 2008

Seagull attack!


It all started innocently enough... a juvenile seagull had been hopping around our parking area for a couple of hours, and I went over to have a look at it, partly just to see it up close, partly to scare it away so the neighbour's cat didn't eat it.

Turns out it wasn't very scared of me:

it even let me get a close-up picture:

But then when I tried approaching it really close, it ran at me and pecked me on the nose! It actually left a small cut, which I had to tend to.

After this we gave it a bit of water and a tiny bit of bread, but a few hours later it's still hanging around. We're not giving it any more food, as we don't want it to think this is a good place to hang around. Not sure what we'll do if it's still here tomorrow...

As for the rest of the week, we've not been posting as we've not been up to much... the garage is now fully unpacked, and we visited Tracy's Mum to pick up an old bike to fix up as a spare. Oh, we also went to see the Moscow State Circus last night in Hastings - very impressive!


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