Friday, 18 January 2008

Friday in the wood


On Friday, we went to the wood again with Andy, Rachel and Joshua, and this time got them involved in felling a tree near the pond, to get some more light down to it:

Joshua supervised the operation, and watched the falling tree very carefully:

The other big job of the day was digging the pond, which Andy and I did. The old one had leaked, probably because we kept walking over the dam! This time the dam has several logs in it, rather than just one, and we've dug out the pond itself. We've stayed with the idea of having two in series going down the hill. Here's a before and after picture:

I'll post another picture shortly when it's filled up, as at the moment it's just a pile of mud!

While we were digging the girls started another brash fire:

We built this one quite big, and once it had burned down to embers, we roasted chicken, potatoes, parsnips and carrots in it, wrapped in foil. These all came out pretty well, though the potatoes took ages to cook, and we should have used smaller parsnips. It was a good dinner anyway, and the chicken tasted great. We want to figure out an alternative for using foil next....

Joshua played on his mat while we ate:

Toasted marshmallows for desert:

By which time Joshua had got bored:

And the wildlife photo for the day is a caterpillar - can anyone tell us what it is?


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