Friday, 18 January 2008

A (noisy) day in the woods


The peace and tranquility of our wood was shattered for a short time yesterday...

Tracy had some new kit too, to wear when she's working near me while the chainsaw's running. You can see her here showing off her lifting tongs and steel toecap boots!

I set to work on the jobs that had been waiting for the chainsaw, which included cutting off some stumps at ground level so they can be driven over, and finishing off the stump of a tree we felled in the summer but the bowsaw couldn't complete:

I had a bit of a play with it first though, just for the practice:

And then pretended it was still a whole tree, so I could practice a "split level" felling cut:

The other job was making a stool, using a log I brought back from my chainsaw course. First, I cut the ends flat (seen halfway here):

Then cutting the legs out:

It didn't go quite as planned, so it turned into a 3-legged stool:

Here's a different design with 4 legs, that I made on my course:

While all this was going on, Tracy was boiling some acorns to get the tannin out. It's still not done....

I think it's going to take a while before the water comes through clear....


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